Aker Fassi

Also called in Darija “Dam Lghzal” (gazella blood) in reference to its red colour, aker fassi is a natural cure for colouring cheeks and lips.
This typically Moroccan powder is used daily by moroccan women or brides.
It is made from sun-dried and then finely ground poppy petals.


It is indeed a recommendation of Prophet ﷺ . It consists of antimony sulfide extracted in Morocco from the rocks of the Atlas Mountains, to which Moroccan women add olive oil. It also contains olive pits, date pits, cloves, ginger, white pepper, sargina, etc.
Moroccan kohl is also distinguished by the partial charring of the ingredients necessary to prepare kohl in the tagine.
The kohl is then stored in a Moroccan artisanal bottle. It always comes with a rod called a merwed.


In Morocco, it refers to thin strips of walnut bark used by women to whiten teeth. It also allows you to slightly colour the gums and lips. It has excellent properties for oral hygiene’s.

Black Soap

It is a 100% natural product  that has many benefits for the skin. It is made from a mixture of water, potash, olive oil and black olives crushed and macerated in salt.
Moroccan women apply what is called “Sabon Beldi“, literally translated “the soap of the country”. In the shape of a paste and black colour, this soap is indeed native to the city of Essaouira.

Nila Powder

Native to the Moroccan Sahara , this rock is powdered to soften and lighten the skin, especially the brown spots of the elbows and knees.

Rose water

These two nectars are used daily in Morocco to perfume themselves or as skin or hair care.

Argan oil

After all these cleansing treatments, Moroccan women use Argan oil to moisturise the skin and hair. Originally from the Souss region of Morocco, this oil is indeed rich in vitamin A and vitamin E.


Moroccan women cover their hair with henna. In addition to coloring them, Henna is known to strengthen them, make them shiny and give them volume.
Morocco also differs from other countries by its “white henna“. It is a natural treatment based on squid bone powder, lupine powder and alum powder. Used as a mask, it brightens the dark areas of the skin.


It is a saponifying clay whose only deposit in the world is in the Middle Atlas in Morocco.
It is used to cleanse and nourish the skin and hair.